Every Day is Saturday

25 May

What would you do if you had endless (or 3 months) free time? Apparently my answer is to cook.

Proceed list of recipes I have made this week. I recommend them all.

Green Enchiladas


Thai Ice Tea

Three months of free time, you say? Well say, that’s fabulous Deidre!

Yeah yeah yeah, I know this will probably be my last three months of free time until I’m retired. Unless I’m unemployed, which could happen. But, how did I amuse myself in in grade/middle/high school during the summer? I honestly have no idea.

So I’m going to try new things. Like recipes. And making blogs about my boredom. Hopefully one of those two things works out for me.

Until my next bout of inspiration, if you have any ideas- well ideas are awesome. So that. Give me your ideas.


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